Alex Young Pedersen

I am a senior upper secondary school teacher at Aarhus Gymnasium C (AARHUS TECH) and a Ph.D. Fellow at The Danish School of Education (Aarhus University) and external lecturer in History of Ideas at the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas (Aarhus University).

  • MA in History of Ideas and Political Science, Aarhus University
  • BA in History of Ideas, Aarhus University
  • Master in ICT and Learning, Aalborg University, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University and Aarhus University

I love to teach and due to my broad academic interest and continued studies I teach a variety of subjects at the technical upper secondary school (htx). I have teaching proficiency in the following subjects:

  • Social Science
  • Philosophy
  • History of Ideas
  • Communication and IT
  • History of Technology
  • International technology and culture

I’m interested in politics and have been involved in educational politics and labor union politics as an elected member of the board of the National Upper Secondary Teachers Union (GL – Gymnasieskolernes Lærerforening).

I am a father of three living in Bispehaven, Aarhus V. I like to cook, read books and listen to music.